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User's Guide

User's Guide

NIRA's World Directory of Think Tanks lists approximately 500 public policy research institutes from 100 countries and regions, organized alphabetically by their name in English within groupings by country.

Individual entries contain the following information. In some cases, the pertinent information is not available from an organization, and the heading has been deleted. The information provided in this directory was updated upon the institutions' request.

Institute's Name in English and the acronym appears on the first line.

Location and Contact Information, including the organization's mailing and/or street address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail and URL, provides the details for contacting or finding out more about an institution. A hyphen follows the country code (headed by +) in all telephone and fax numbers.

Organization Status describes the general nature of the institution (independent, governmental, semi-governmental, university-affiliated, political party-affiliated, or NGO) and states its founding year. Unless otherwise stated, all institutions are nonprofit.

Staff lists the total number of permanent staff members, the breakdown by role (research or administrative/support), as well as the number of visiting researchers, interns, or other staff affiliated with the institution.

Executive Officers and Public Relations Managers are listed in the following order: Position, Title. LAST NAME, First Name [ex. Chairman // Mr. KOBAYASHI, Yotaro].

Funding Sources first describes annual budget figures using the three-letter ISO 4217 currency codes with the fiscal year in the parentheses.

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